Sample imagethe official cabinet should be appropriate with the official,commerstial or artistic actions and also there is little food in offices and companies so we use another lateral things,heaters and coolers.

for example if we have a small kitchen in an office it is better to use ordinary rails instead of rails which can bear 50 kilos and instead of placing a side by side refrigerator we use small refrigerators that is suitable for there.also in these small kitchen we can use 1 meter gathering tables inside the drawer for best using of the space.
also by lux design in some kitchen that have open areas and the clerk are limited we can fix some hidden drawers.that add extra space for holding papers.the offices who need healthy places for holding their products can use PVC boxes,PVC doors and solid surface with special qualities.for example,acrilice solid surface is antibacterial and is water and some other liquids resistance.


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