Sample imageDomestic kitchen cabinet is boxes of Wood,PVC,MDF,glass…and other things like oven,dish washer,….

That are for baking food,washing and cleaning dishes,the shelfs can have doors or not ,and the door can move with the different rails can hinges.you can follow the qualities and diffirent materials and things in section worthknowings of cabinet.for sharing with your home cabinet designer you can list your need and instead of designing yourself let her or him do this action with calculating and aware you how to set your things.
in most of time setting is better than you think and maybe the suggestive colour of doors or space surprise you for example;think you have a kitchen with 15 space,thee light come in from the window is weak and had choosen white colour for floor.
the tiles of the wall are beaje in this case what would you do with the colour of the doors?mayby you never think of blue,because you never beleave that youhave blue cabinet,but let me say a mystery to you,the best colour is light colour for wall doors,dark colour for bellow doors,and for showing the kitchen a small cafe at night use a blue light inside the cabinet.about that wich colour should you use for wall cabinet doors and which for bellow?it’s simple,each colour that isn’t near to blue!


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