• Wooden structures

  • Kinds Of Cabinet

  • Equipment1

  • Equipment2

  • Library Sample image

    A good library just when we know the book size can be made otherwise,we should make it by randome sizes,

  • Official desks Sample image

    Official desks with leather cover or simple,depend on their use and tools that have to put inside it,had made.

  • Bed Sample image

    Modern bed contrary to old samples, have a short hight from the floor.

  • Bathroom Cabinets Sample image

    bathroom cabinets cabinet in the best case should have PVC body and solid surface,to be resistant antibacterial and humidity insulator.

  • Official Sample image

    the official cabinet should be appropriate with the official,commerstial or artistic actions and also there is little food in offices and companies so we use another lateral things,heaters and coolers.

  • Industrial Sample image

    Industrial kitchen attention to their kind,are definable and preparable.for example,a kitchen which bake for 2000 persons should have steal body cabinet,

  • Domestic Sample image

    Domestic kitchen cabinet is boxes of Wood,PVC,MDF,glass…and other things like oven,dish washer,….

  • Washing sink Sample image

    Choose sink attantion to your dishes.

  • Rail baskets Sample image

    baskets for keeping onion,potato and plastic dishes.

  • Hood Sample image

    Hood is the vacume for going away smell and suspension materials inside the kitchen so each kitchen need a good vaccum.

  • Gas & Oven Sample image

    Classic ovens are the traditional ones.in past under them there were a cabinet but with growing in technology these ovens equiped with spining chicken and cooking stove.

  • Worktops Sample image

    Worktops use for ground cabinet and counter table.

  • Kinds of cabinet doors Sample image

    Wood doors One of the original and tight doors are from wood.

  • Jack and raiser Sample image

    In kitchen designing jack and raiser are kind of hinges,wich make the most use of kitchen.

  • Hinges Sample image

    Hinges are things for turning the cabinet doors.have diffiren samples and have chosen depond on the use.

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