Sample imageWorktops use for ground cabinet and counter table.

these covers are roofs for groud cabinets kinds are:
•  HPL tops : These sheets have various colours.HPL is the shine or mate cover on thick sheets of MDF and have 360 and 410 cm sizes their standard wide is 30,60,80,90.it is easy to find them if the size were 410*60.
you should order for other sizes and take 20 days to preper.the edge can be circle or semicircle and the 32mm-60mm thickness.these thickness is waterresistance if there is a crack in it should use selikon glue for making I resistance.these materials have diffirent colours and if someone want have the same colour as the doors can choose near colour.HPL covers are cheap
•  MDF sheets : These sheets have melamine cover and are like the door sample wich use two 16mm or one 32mm MDF for same colour doors and cover.these sheets have unstandards sizes but the final size is 360*183cm.for outedge use PVC stripes with diffirent colour for contorast.
yhese sheets are cheap and have diffirent coloure.their qualities are the same as MDF doors and repeat that MDF isn’t %100 water resistant and just have limit humid resistance.
Fiber glass worktops these sheets are vulnerable of heat and have limit vriaty these are the cheapest and ful objection covers,and modern designers don’t use them.some cabinet maker use them because of their low price.
•  Ston work tops : In ancient time there were a lot of stone for work tops of cabinet and they thought is the best but now just in industrial kitchen because of high resistant of stone use them and don’t use it in modern design.it’s objection is crack of hotness or coldness.aren’t repairable and should be replaced.we have this objection in view of buildings.these productions are expevsive and have samples like granite,…it is better that there are a few lines but more colour granules inside the stone.
•  Solid surface worktops : Solid surface is famouse to korean,at first come frome korea.
Samsung and LG used these tops for cabinets.these made from acrilic,are oil and liquid resistant.they are like stone but we don’t feel coldness of touching them and have various colours.it takes 40 days to use these covers for one kitchen.these are new,have 1cm thickness but with instrument we can show 30cm thickness of it.
because of the tools these are only covers which can make curve.so these sheets have high qualities than others but sometime it’s price prevent using of it.other sheets like glass,wood and steal also use for cabinet wich is not for proffesional use.and are just for beauty.