Kinds of cabinet doors

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Wood doors One of the original and tight doors are from wood.

suitable woods are a oak and walnut.there are many ways for drying woods ,that drying with water is the best.in the best way wet wood had put in the river and had washed,with this method had gotton the sap and washed.after that with a special way had put,on each other and had dried with air,these actions make a oak door more expensive.
The door can be smooth,curved instrumental and now can cover MDF with a narrow layer and do work on it.also painting on wood isn’tlimit,and using old or modern way for obtaining a good view like<>or sand plast.wooden doors are the best,lux and more expensive than others.
•  MDF doors MDF doors,these years are more likeable and because of it’s resistante of humidity is more salable.
it used for shelfs and main skeleton.inpast,MDF hadn’t produced in iran and had impressed from maleysia,austrila,turkey and germany.MDF have variety in colours.choos MDF doors in attantion to the climate and remmber that MDF isn’t %100 water resistant but have good humidity resistant.
•  MDF doors divise to diffirent kinds
- door with MDF inside and PVC cover
- door with MDF inside and polish cover
- door with MDF inside and melamin cover wich is the most famouse of MDF doors
- door with MDF inside andwood cover wich is more cheaper than all wooden doors We shouldn’t forget that we never see MDF and just see it’s cover
•  PVC doors These doors are compeletely from PVC and is suitable for places which should be %100 water and humid resistante.PVC doors also have diffirent colours and invirmental temperature shouldn’t be more higs.to change the shape of a door.these production are used for laboratory and places for testing products.


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