Jack and raiser

Sample imageIn kitchen designing jack and raiser are kind of hinges,wich make the most use of kitchen.

kinds are:
1.pump jack for vertical conducting doors of wall cabinets in hight of higher than 140cm,wich conduct the door from down to our face and up the head with the angle of 90 degree and parallele to celing and in this way door isn’t nuisance for our face and hand and can put athing in or out easily.these jacks are the cheap ones.
2.soft life:the same as pump jack but hold the door in the angle of 45 degree of the celing and this make move free action than pump jack.pump jack can be used for two doors on each oyher.imagin the wall cabinet thatt instead of side,the door open from up and down.but in soft lift just one wall cabinet have this jack and can’t fix any above it.these are expensive jacks but make a modern kitchens.
3.gathering jack or aventos: Install two doors to this jack and push two doors from front of shelfs to up and stop it every where we want.you have100*90cm space if open two up and down doors.some aventos jacks just can bear one door.
4.dashboard jack: Show its name can open a door 140cm high like car dashboard, down and parallele to floor.these jacks aren’t consumable and use them in necessary cases.
5.bus jack or lifter: Which bring the door alittle to front and conduct it up,parallele to wall,this jack is for moving just one door and don’t have good performance and is expensive.
6.clock jack: Is like pump jack but is for doors with a glass in the aluminume frame.


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