Rails and runners

Sample imageAn equiped and modern ktchen have mean with number of it’s rails.because we can access to what we need easily without curving in depth of 55cm of cabinet.

so we can say rail is thing for making work easy in the kitchen and prevent to waste your time and energy.you can choos one rail among diffirent rail.
•  Roller rails
These are the most simple and cheapest and use for light drawers using of it isn’t common now because in a limit time become out of order,and make a noise when close it.also they don’t have good brakes and if you pull it hard the drawer may jump out.
•  Ball bearing runners
Ballbearing rails have more fluency and firmness than roller rails,and bear more weight on their runners.these
•  Drag rails
Drag rails are the best and the most new rails for kitchen’s consuming.they named tandom box,when you push the drawer a little with tandomic system it go to end quietly,also they have diffirent device and consumer can choose one dependon his need for bearing 30,50 or 70 kg and this should be shared with the maker.


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