Gas & Oven

Sample imageClassic ovens are the traditional ones.in past under them there were a cabinet but with growing in technology these ovens equiped with spining chicken and cooking stove.

some designer use inside ovens for cabinet.it has a harmonic view and with the above hood is more likeable for persons.if you use the best kind of built in ovens you don’t have any problems.these these days designers suggest electric gas some tradational consumer say
1.it’s high consuming electricity.
2.take time to heat food.

But it has some advantages too:

1.in modern ones it don’t use high electricity and don’t have gas consumption.
2.there isn’t any flame to make fire.
3.easy to clean because it is flat.
4.when the electrice sheet is on,you don’t feel any heat in other sides.
5.don’t be worry of ovelaping food
6.baby lock for preventing babies use.
7.don’t maker your dishes black.
8.balance of heat and baking.
9.more nicer.
10.connecting to internet and some cameras in future


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