Short history of activity

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Conqueror writes the history!maybe this is a boring sentence but is honourable about industrial fair of honarcabin.5000 kitchen in tehran and hundred of projects in suburbs had been designed and performed are confidences for honarcabin’s contractors.

decorations of houses,companies and department stores ,refering to pictures,which made up of PVC,MDF,HPL and any kinds of wood are our precious experiences which take us the skill of managing time and perform the project easily.
in this unreal area we can just show limited ability of us and familiar you with improving industry of cabinet,and inside decorations and say that we get these experiences and knowlage during many years. Honarcabin industry is equiped with advanced machines which can do all the actions of flat and curve movements for making doors of sheets. Befor this you waste your time if you want to search journales for finding your desirable models,and many of iranian’smakers can’t make similar products but honarcabin believe that inside consumer have the merit of using the best global manufactures,and contrary to past which working in kitchen was so hard and boring how with use of design knowlage and professional suggestions befor performance and with computer similarity you can choose your desirable models and spend an interesting time in your kitchens.
Taste isn’t always the final word!many times customers have opinions about their favourite colours for their offices or homes but aren’t sure if it is good or not.honarcabin with it’s experimental designers introduce productions have suitable design for your kitchen and help you from dizzy.
we hope if we could show our trust and credit to you with these brief saying and attract your opinion.we want to progress our branches but now introduce two of them.please br careful about trade sign so above saying is with our responsibility.


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